Hiring international HR with the right skills is a huge responsibility from every possible perspective you can think of. Not only as a monetary investment of your firm, but it is also a monumental monetary and emotional investment that is being made by the people you are employing from other countries. Thus, this blog explores topics beyond the usual “Top 5 skills I should look for while hiring International Talent”. It aims at exploring the matter with a lot more thought and process for all of us to know.

I’m assuming that you understand the investments being made while hiring such talent very well before you read this blog, or that you have enough budget to explore such a thing. That said, you are looking for someone exceptionally unique. Otherwise, you would have searched for someone from your resident country itself.

Teamwork and Reliability

Being 2017, our processes and thoughts have escalated and become more person-oriented as ever. The importance of teamwork and the reliability on teammates has increased in these times more than ever before. Hence, it is important to recruit employees who have a character that fits best with the team(s) in your firm. Hiring just the best will not do it. Because they will not be the best when they aren’t a good fit in the team you allocate them to. Not only will you end up misusing your resources at that point in time and reducing positive results. A situation can most likely arise where that individual ends up losing their momentum. Additionally, the person can slow down the progress of their own talent and potential.

Skills that count

That said, various companies and universities have regularly mentioned many skills that they find important for people in today’s ever growing world where borders are diminishing. If one starts to accumulate these, you will find 16 skills that are, more or less, common in all the lists online which are what employees need to possess in this age and hour for the global market. There isn’t any grading or scoring system to any of those points because it depends on what kind of a person you’re looking for. However, every employee seems to need all of these skills in today’s world. These 16 skills are as mentioned below. Are all your requirements mentioned in it?



3 Sections

These 16 skills can be actually be divided into these 3 sections:

  1. Foundational Literacies: How people apply core skills to everyday tasks.
  2. Competencies: How people approach complex challenges.
  3. Character Qualities: How people approach their changing environment.

Such categorizations have been made based on the graph below. It’s a percentile graph of the kind of job descriptions and duties employees have been getting since 1960 all way to 2010. One will see why it has become increasingly important for global HR managers to consider such information more seriously.



The need of 2017 is finding people who are strong in non routine interpersonal and analytical tasks and especially exceptional in “Problem-solving in technology-rich environments”. The problem is that studies say there is roughly only 6% of the current population who really possess this quality. Therefore, there are two ways to tackle this challenge. On the one hand, you can create environments in which your employees develop these skills and you develop your employees. On the other hand, you can hire people who will fit best in the environment you have tailored for your workforce. And for this, you need to find these talents internationally.

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