As the world around us is changing rapidly, a whole generation is in the spotlight of these changes and starts adapting quickly to them. As every generation has its own traits and behaviours, the millennials are here, being confident, self-expressive and open to change. Change regarding themselves and the things around them. They will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025 while 61% of them have plans to become an entrepreneur and 50% is already in leadership positions. Being responsible of driving important changes in areas such as technology and new communications, what does it take to fully understand this generations’ beliefs about employment?

The solution is much easier than we think and all the answers and the insights are lying in the “YouthSpeak” survey powered by AIESEC. A survey which has a mission to fill the gap between youth and companies to change and by enabling them to heading to the growth. With 42,257 survey responses, ages 18- 25 and from 100 countries and territories you will get insights about the issues which concern the youth. Starting with the “one step before the employment” stage, one of the top priorities of the millennials for their entrepreneurial development are global opportunities. These are going to offer a broadened mindset and a sense of the world out there. Having this in mind and according to many other factors, three new pre-working trends are already shaped: The ability to gain access to dynamic and global experience, the ability for constant learning and growth and the development of an entrepreneurial work culture.

If we want to broaden more these findings, it only takes to upgrade them in the employment level. 64% of them aspire to hold leadership or senior decision making positions which means millennials want to be challenged, to be creative, to develop themselves and to find innovative ideas for the growth inside and outside the company.

Thus according to that, employers will need to act according to their values, their workplace needs to be creative and challenging, and leaders need to shift the mindset from following rules to enabling experimentation. But, how can the companies implement all the above? How will they get in the road of success?

Before presenting the solution, you need to have in mind first that in AIESEC our belief is that sustainable, informed and globally-minded leadership can help us solve many of today’s challenges. And having this as priority, we offer you access to AIESEC’s international talent pool. We see that multicultural experiences in organizations willing to unlock the interns leadership potentiality can prepare a generation of leaders who change the world. And your organization can enable this! So join us today!

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