Innovate Germany is a cross-cultural initiative where young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds bring added value to start-ups in Germany with their innovative spirit. These young entrepreneurs support German start-ups with specific projects that boost their growth.

The goal of Innovate Germany is to support the German start-up scene in growing sustainably and gaining more relevance. Germany needs to be more entrepreneurial, innovative and fast moving in order to keep its global role and adapt to the challenges of the 21st century.

Innovate Germany is piloted right now in Berlin, Leipzig and Stuttgart.

Projects for Growth

Tailored to the fast moving world, Innovate Germany can support the development of your start-up with a specific project that accelerates the growth of your start-up and brings it to the next level.

Boost your Workplace Culture

By connecting you with a young international entrepreneur, your start-up culture can get a further international edge and flourish with more innovative ideas and fast implementation.

Simple, Fast and Affordable

Innovate Germany makes acquiring bright minds easier than recruiting locally. Meet your short-term skill requirement by bringing in young entrepreneurs from divers backgrounds in an affordable way.

Enable Youth and Grow Together

Be part of this unique project that contributes to the development of the start-up scene in Germany. Expand your network & enable a challenging experiences for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

What projects can AIESEC interns accomplish?


  • External research of trends and international market analysis for the focused sector
  • Research of sectors for partners/strategic alliances and competitors analysis based on key success factors
  • Marketing mix definition for international market
  • Translation of international marketing materials for strategies
  • Report from project and operational plan for internationalization and sales implementation


Marketing & Positioning

  • Generate an analysis of the current situation and ideal state of your start- up regarding marketing and market positioning
  • Develop a three months implementation project in terms of the issues detected and strategic direction of the startup
  • Develop new channels and communication strategies to increase the startup’s market reach
  • Implement the marketing and positioning operations plan for the startup focus
  • Report from project and operational plan development for positioning and marketing for long-term implementation


Sales & Prospection

  • Define the target market for the start-up’s product with sales planning for the project incl. plan strategies for CRM development
  • Market research of new clients segmentation opportunity and prospection of strategic alliances – if necessary research about CRM tools
  • Definition of new leads and sales plan with selling, attraction and partnership retention strategies, implementation CRM model
  • Implement selling routine and clients acquisition for company- CRM testing and feedback
  • Report from project and operational plan development for 1 semester implementation with CRM definition

Business & Management

  • Develop a SWOT analysis about the startup, mapping the main gaps in terms of business and management inside the organization
  • Analyze the current and ideal state of the start-up in terms of strategic planning, product development, finance projection and HR plan
  • Planning development of main needs from the startup in terms of company administration and support for managers
  • Implementation of the plan with short feedbacks period and measurements evaluation
  • Report from project and operational plan development for one semester with clear KPIs


Register or directly contact AIESEC




For general information, please approach us via


2 Project Upload and Promotion

After signing the contract we will upload your project on our international platform and promote it.

3 Shortlisting

We will review all applicants and send the best ones to you.

4 Selection

You can interview the shortlisted candidates and make the final decision.

5 Preparation & Project

We will support the interns to get the work permit and visa. We will prepare them for their project in Germany by delivering an intercultural preparation training and ensuring the cultural integration. During the whole duration AIESEC will stay their contact person to support them  in every issue. The same counts of course for you

6 Partnership Development

We will stay in touch with you to see how our partnership can develop in the future and how we can develop and improve our product in order to support the German Start-Up scene.

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