We live in a world where societies are changing rapidly, creating new trends and needs. In that reality markets and companies are challenged to cope with globalization, generational gaps and changing demographics in the majority of the countries. They are factors that can influence in many ways the market and, as aftermath, the companies too. The question is, how can companies adjust to the new reality and be on the same page with the today’s trends? The answer has been given from multiple researches which underline the importance of diversity in the workplace. With a good amount of variety of findings it seems diversity is correlated with growth, innovation and financial performance.

According to the 2015 study by the management consulting firm Mckinsey & Company, it seems diverse companies are more likely to be more successful.

More diverse companies are more able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision making and all that leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing turns.”

In more detail, while recruiting new talents has become more competitive, having diverse leadership can unlock a new broadened range of talent supply. In addition to this, many consider important the diversity in a company when applying to work in it according to Glassdoor survey. Having a variety of employees indicates a broad diverse market which leads to a direct customer orientation.

As for the skills and the benefits for the employees in a diverse environment, innovation and better engagement are on top of the list. Having in a team various perspectives and different ways of thinking can enhance synergies, communication skills and new attitudes towards the team’s goal which will establish a motivational working environment. Furthermore, innovation is a key point when it comes to diversity. In Harvard Business review research about how diversity can drive innovation the findings were surprising. To unlock innovation you need to

Create an environment where outside the box ideas are heard […] Employees of firms of both inherent and acquired diversity are 45 % likelier to report a growth in market share over the previous year and 70 % likelier to report that the firm captured a new market.”

Coming back to reality and the companies’ working environment diversity is not yet visible. According again to Harvard Business review research 78 % of people work at companies that lack diversity in leadership. We live in a global world where the global youth leaders should have all the opportunities for achieving growth at all levels of organizations. The key to this is diversity. With 6,000 corporate partners and talent pool known for the entrepreneurial and management skills, AIESEC offers to a company youth with values, vision and skills who in a global environment think out of the box, being flexible propose ideas, feel confident and gain the knowledge needed to be successful. Hiring an international intern can be the start of the workplace’s diversity creation. So, join AIESEC today and see how to hire international interns here.



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